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Applicant FAQ

How Can I Become a Homeowner?

  1. The first step to becoming a homeowner is to make your desire known to us! Applications are available at the Main Office, 785 E. Main St., Benton Harbor.
  2. Meet with the Family Services Department, who will review your information to determine if your household meets the basic income and selection criteria. For more information, please contact our Family Services Manager at jmcfall@harborhabitat.org.
  3. Complete an Official Application. Once it has been confirmed that you meet the basic selection criteria, Harbor Habitat will invite you to complete an official application. When you return your application, please include a $15 check or money order ($30 for couples) so we can access your credit report.
  4. Home Visit. Families that meet our required criteria for selection will be introduced to the Habitat Selection Committee and scheduled for a home visit before final approval.

How does Habitat Homeownership work?

When you have successfully completed your required Sweat Equity hours, Harbor Habitat will then sell your home to you with a 0% Interest Loan, and repayment mortgage terms between 20-25 years. Monthly mortgage payments starting at $450 include property taxes and home ownership insurance costs.

Do I get to choose where I can live?

You will be given a selection of homes to choose from at the discretion of the Family Services Department, and dependent upon land availability, families may be allowed to refuse one location.

Where does Habitat build?

We construct homes in the City of Benton Harbor and in Benton Charter Township, Berrien County, Michigan.

Do I qualify if I am disabled? What if I'm single?

Harbor Habitat does not discriminate in our selection practices. If you meet all application and selection criteria, you will be considered for a Habitat home.

Do I have to make a certain income in order to qualify for a Habitat house?

Yes. The income guidelines below reflect 30 - 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for Berrien County. These guidelines are based on current financial data from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. This table is updated annually.

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Minimum Income $12,350 $14,100 $15,850 $17,600 $19,050 $20,450 $21,850 $23,250
Maximum Income $32,900 $37,600 $42,300 $46,950 $50,750 $54,500 $58,250 $62,000

Any family applying for a home must fall within the income guideline for their family size in the most recent calendar year. By family size, we mean the total number of adults and children that will live in the home once it is completed.

If you do not fall within these income guidelines you do not currently qualify for a Habitat Home. We are happy to assist you with identifying and exploring additional housing options.