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House Construction

New Construction & Rehab
Since Harbor Habitat for Humanity was established in 1995, we have contructed and rehabilated over 100 homes in the Benton Harbor, Michigan area. We are the only local non-profit organization that requires sweat equity and offers zero-percent interest loans.

Building Green
As the largest nonprofit homebuilder in the nation, we care about being resourceful. But this goes beyond ourselves: we're thinking about each family moving into a Habitat home. Through wise green building practices, we keep construction costs low and homes affordable for families once they move in. Here are just a few of the ways green building helps:

Homeowners Save Money

  • Our advanced framing technique allows for more insulation—in fact, we exceed the insulation building code.
  • We airseal the home by caulking every place 2 pieces of wood touch to minimize air loss.
  • Each home is Energy-Star certified to reduce utility costs, making homebuyers eligible for down payment assistance.

Health Improves

  • We install an Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit that recycles the home with fresh air, improving many cases of asthma and allergies.
  • We use low VOC drywall adhesive to minimize fumes.

Our Community Works Together

  • Our cabinetry is assembled by members workers in Michigan's prison-employment program.
  • Master Gardeners work with homebuyers to design landscape plans using native plants.

Resources Are Conserved

  • We divert 90% of waste materials from landfills to protect Earth's natural resources.
  • We sort and recycle all wood, cardboard and concrete materials to reduce waste
    and minimize sorting costs.