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Impact of Ownership

How Habitat Homeownership Makes A Difference

A Davenport University study shows more ways homeownership is making a difference in
the lives of Habitat families:

  • 68% of families report an increase in their income.
  • 25% of families report better grades in school for their children.
  • 23% of families report less sickness.
  • 58% of families report less family conflict.
  • 40% of families report obtaining additional education.

Homeownership Builds Stronger Families

Children of homeowners:

  • Are 25% more likely to graduate from high school.
  • Are 16% more likely to graduate from college.
  • Are 20% less likely to become teenage mothers.
  • Are 59% more likely to own a home within 10 years of moving from parent's household.
  • Save taxpayers an estimated $34,000 in public expenditures.


  • Are 10% more likely to attend church.
  • Are 16% more likely to join parent-teacher organizations, block clubs, etc.
  • Read newspapers 1.3 times more often.
  • Are less likely to have alcohol and substance-abuse problems.